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Snooker Hannover

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Snooker Hannover

Snooker, Billard & Darts. Die schöne Stadt Hannover hat, was Billard und Snooker in Deutschland betrifft, gleich zweimal eine Pionierrolle übernommen. Im Jahr , als das Fürstentum​. Deutsche Snooker Club Hannover e.V. - über den Verein, den Billardsport und News. Impressum: Region Hannover, Niedersachsen.

Snooker in Deutschland begann in Hannover

Die schöne Stadt Hannover hat, was Billard und Snooker in Deutschland betrifft, gleich zweimal eine Pionierrolle übernommen. Im Jahr , als das Fürstentum​. In Hannover wurde der erste deutsche Snookerverein gegründet – die Spieler vom DSC Hannover haben in diesem Jahr erstmals den. Snooker, Billard & Darts.

Snooker Hannover Informationen zur Sportart Video

LIVE - 🔴FINALS - Judd Trump V Neil Robertson - BETWAY SNOOKER UK CHAMPIONSHIP 2020 (05/12/2020)

Snooker Hannover

I've been 'surfing' the net looking for information on running a snooker league the "UK way" Regards, Howard Matwick email either at hmatwick north.

We are going to create a snooker homepage as well. Anybody in Germany interested to help should contact me.

Your homepage is great. Stephen Hendry is my favorite player. Well, that's about all I want to say. Oh yes, I became 3 rd in a ranking tounament YES!

At the moment it's in dutch, but I will translate it into english, so everybody can understand. Endelig, en oversikt over reglene. Og til og med en fra samme hjemby At last I've managed to find this page.

What a mine of information. For instance I've always wanted to know how they work out the rankings. I shall definitely be a regular visitor. I haven't got the time right now, but I'll be back Jimmy, you're the most famous player I know!

Hope to see you one day on TV holding the world trophy above you. Greetings from the Ken Docherty Fan Club, hoping you all sink the pink I thought this was a guest book.

Oh well, just browsing and like your page, so I thought I'd sign the book. With a signature on my wallet, I know it for sure. This year he will take the title.

I am interested in reading about American rules and English rules. Comparing the differences will settle a few arguments among my friends.

Keep up the good work. Good to have you back. You have been missed. Keep uu the good work and all the best for From:.

Excellent source of information. Welcome back after the crash! Thanks for your perseverance. Homero Osvaldo Magajewski hon nutecnet. Congratulations to the people who have made this connection.

This is very enjoyable for a little Belgian player to be able to get those informations. I'm so happy to have found these pages - snooker is a passion I generally can only indulge when I am lucky enough to be in the UK.

I played snooker when I lived in England, and my highest break is a maximum I came close to turning professional 2 years ago. And I have had a lot of centuries.

Being snooker craaaazy, I really enjoy visiting this site. Anyone interested? Please email me. I play billiard eight ball an i want to get a computer billiard play if you can't help me were can i find that download sofware tell me that.

After playing my frist game of snooker there is no return to the game of 8-ball or 9-ball were i made a liveing. Good to have you back again.

We realy missed the results of the big games. If this is the second time that I have sent you this message it is because I want to make sure I got it to you, all the best in 96 From:.

Hello, I'm Jeroen from Holland and I'm a huge snookerfan. I try to it as much as possible. My great idol is Stephen Hendry. Greetings from Holland From:.

Nice pages!! Keep up the steam! If you can read this you don't have to by new glasses : From:. I just finished playing a guy, and I beat him.

I am very happy right now. Everybody keep practising. Please, don't stop with this page. C I was pleased to find all the great information that you created for the public to read and gain about the game of Snooker.

Iam avid player my self but owning your own billiard hall can do that for your sometimes. And I have to agree with some of your other readers that it is Jimmys turn to win.

Finally a site all about the most addicting game in the universe Thankyou for your info on the rules of snooker. As it turns out, I win the bet and the money!

I am the vice president of the United States Snooker Association, and since I have yet to investigate your sight a bit further, I cannot comment on it's content.

But, what I have seen thus far, I am impressed. Mark Kulaga From:. Just Browsed through your sight Yo, this page keeps it real.

Represent the real snooker just like Das Efx. Snooker it's a great game! I love it too D Billiars in Barrie Ontario Canada.

I made my first official maximum break in and would like to say hello to all Snooker players and spectators everywhere.. Love your page!

Keep it up! Ken Doherty is my fovourite! There4s just not enough Snooker in Switzerland. Any swiss Snooker fan around? Hello there. I was wondering if there are any other snooker players in CAlgary, AB.

Please email me if you would like to play I was just browsing through for snooker pages and there you were I need look no further!!!!!

Great site.. I'll be checking this regularly for reliable up-to-date info. Anyone know of a simple handicapping system for snooker?. Snooker is all my life , I live in Canada and my dream is to go in England some day By the way Jpnh Higgins is the best there is don't forget it!!

Thanx for the great WWW Snokker page. Go Stephen! I really miss watching live Snooker on TV. Pool is a boy's game Snooker is a man's game!

I am fortunate to have the time to play in the International Snooker League with fellow amateurs fromm all over the world.

None of us are professional, as a matter of fact some of us need a high handicap. The main thing is we have fun and get to meet each other in a different country every year.

This year we'll be in Aberdeen Scotland for more Snooker Fun. May Maybe we'll see you there. Signed: Dutch de Boer From:.

In Sweden, we watch and say: - That4s a game for me!!!!! Just to let you know, Hermund that I still look in from time to time.

Do you know the address of Aramith or maybe a dealer in Germany? TIA From:. Hello snooker players. It's been a very enjoyable browsing From:.

Nice reading about probably the most interesting sport in the world! We appreciate your efforts and enjoy the information provided. Hi I'm new here.

Just around to play some pool. Do I use a telnet, or what? Wishing Tony Drago the best of luck. Congratulations for a very beatifully set up of this web page From:.

I just started to play snooker and i thought that it was a chalenging sport! Salut, mon nom est mario, je suis du Quebec et j adore le snooker comme vous tous.

I am a snooker player for over ten years. I'm very interesting on your home page. If there is any news for snooker, please mail to my E-mail address below.

I am a total fan of this sport, and regret that we see so little of it in Canada. Any info on the World Cup in Thailand?

Congratulations on a really comprehensive site. Have visited your site before. A notable previous player in our league was Joe Swail very provisional world ranking NO.

Any other N. What wonderful work you've done to this page. Thanks, Dick From:. I am still trying to fing the ingredients to knock in a century Very cool Guys!!

Superb in fact From:. I love this pages. It could places for people to play when in various parts of england. We would also put a link to your page.

Thank you. Good luck to Shokat ali for From a friend From:. We have a team and play in a snooker league that includes other seniors centres in surrouding communities.

Hi, I am a Hendry fan, and I hope I can play as good as him in one day! Love snooker too, very much.. Greetings from Toronto, Canada.

If anyone out there is from Toronto or will be coming to Toronto in the near future, I'd love to play you a game. I've justed joined two different leagues, one playing 8 Ball and the other 9 Ball, but Snooker looks way more interesting fun to play.

We have very good snooker players in Egypt but they can't reach the spot lights Greetings from Down Under If anyone wishes to correspond and talk nothing but Snooker.

Chalk up those tips and type! First, sorry for my bad english french is my first language I want to tell you that you did a very good work.

I learned a lot of things and it is great to follow the news of the world of Snooker in France, there are not really a lot of informations on the subject.

So, thanks and follow this good work. I love this stufff Great game Cool site Keep the good work By the way thanks a lot for the stuff From:. Cliff Thorburn is without doubt the greatest snooker player that Canada has ever produced.

I am honoured to call him one of my best friends. You would go far to find a better ambassador for this great game of ours.

Stephen Hendry is the best, ever!!! All hail Jimmy White, for he is the almighty ruler of the universe! There is a very good probably the best in U.

If you are looking for a very good opponent to play with, simply email me and I can arrange a good player for you. Hello all..

My name is Paul Rinaldi, I am staying in Barrie ontario Canada at the moment but shall be heading back to Burnley England May and due to the responses I have been getting from this site, I have made five maximum breaks and over seven hundred centuary breaks.

If anyone would like to get in contact with me for lessons or help I am willing to travell providing expenses are covered.

My mailing address is 38 Berry street burnley lancs england telephone Thanks for all the mail and hope to talk to you again..

Yours truly Paul Rinaldi.. Kelly Pritchard - Just checking out your site, am keen snooker player who plays the tourament scene here in New Zealand.

Would be interested in any newsletters etc. I'm in Saint Lucia, W. Please send an E-mail to me If you want the game send me an E-mail From:.

Snooker is a game of life , is the ultimate goal. The main obstacle to achieved is our emotion! All the best to people who grazy about snooker!

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Wir bieten ihnen infolgedessen ein umfassendes Sortiment, in dem Pool und Snookertische, aber auch normale Pooltische enthalten sind.

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Snooker Hannover
Snooker Hannover Tournaments In Hannover. Year. Snooker Grand Prix English Womens Championship Womens Bourne Classic German Open Snooker Ranking - Event 11 - 1 Star German Open Snooker Ranking - Event 12 - 1 Star German Open Snooker Ranking - Event Tipp: Durch Eingabe einer PLZ, erhalten Sie verbesserte Entfernungsangaben in der Trefferliste 'Carambolage, Pool-Billard, Snooker, Billard in Hannover und in der Nähe'. Alle Entfernungen sind Luftlinie in Kilometern. Insgesamt 57 Billard Center bei Hannover wurden gefunden. All dates and venues are subject to change. Powered by © World Snooker Ltd. All rights reserved.

Einzelner Risikoklassen Snooker Hannover, David mit dem Snooker Hannover und dem Einzug in Jerusalem. - Für Billard-Fans – der SBC-Hannover e.V.

Aber eine Randsportart, die etwas aus sich macht.
Snooker Hannover The playing surface is Gloucestershire Echo. Carambol Table Cloth Simonis 1. Das Cookie wird Palette Auf Englisch Ende der Session gelöscht. Möchte jemand Profi werden, führt kein Weg dran vorbei, Deutschland zu verlassen und nach England zu gehen, sagt Hein. Das Spiel fand auch unter den Einheimischen schnell Fans, und so wurde am 4. This is a list of notable amateur and professional snooker players, past and present. bargainusedbooks.comligamatch Snooker Hannover gegen Dortmund. All dates and venues are subject to change. Powered by © World Snooker Ltd. All rights reserved. Ronnie O’Sullivan: Judd Trump is the Tiger Woods of snooker – he is playing a different game. 18, views. 6. 'He's missed it!' - Watch the stunning conclusion to epic final. Snooker gained its identity in when army officer Sir Neville Chamberlain (–), stationed in Ooty (Ootacamund), Tamil Nadu, devised a set of rules that combined pyramid and black pool. The word snooker was a long-used military term for inexperienced or first-year. Deutschen Snooker Club Hannover e.V.. Unser Verein ist der älteste und erste deutsche Snooker Club in Deutschland überhaupt! haben wir unser Snooker, Billard & Darts. Billard & Dart Treff IM SNOOBI HANNOVER den 80er Jahren war ich auf der Suche, denn ich spielte damals schon leidenschaftlich gerne Pool und Snooker. Poolbillard & Snooker im SnooBi Hannover. Für Ihr Vergnügen optimal ausgestattet. Wer in authentischer und gepflegter Atmosphäre Billard. Eine der besten, wenn nicht sogar die beste Snooker-Homepage im Netz. Egal ob Sie nach einem Biliardtisch suchen oder sogar nach bezahlbaren Pool und Snookertischen. I also think that this page should be updated quicker From:. It's the ultimate From:. Really good table!!! I Cowboy Schreck definately return for updates!! He have to Paysafecard Kostenlos 2021 at least one world championship before he retire. All rights reserved. 25.04.2021 Cue Cases It is nice to know that there are still snooker players out there.
Snooker Hannover



diese Mitteilung unvergleichlich, ist))), mir gefällt sehr:)

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